CCleaner 3.01 erschienen

Mal wieder eine neue Version des bekannten Programms. Viel braucht man denke ich nicht mehr darüber erzählen. 


Folgende Änderungen wurden in Version 3.01 vorgenommen.

Improved application startup time and INI loading speeds.
Removed need to reboot for Index.dat cleaning.
Improved cookie cleaning in Firefox 4.0 Beta 7.
Improved Chromium based browser detection and cleaning.
Added support for Adobe Reader 10 and Acronis True Image.
Improved cleaning for 7-Zip, Adobe Reader 9.0, Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage, WinPatrol and Microsoft Management Console.
Added support for local domains in "Cookies to Keep" list.
Improved debugging with log file support using /DEBUG command-line parameter.
Improved detection algorithm for 64-bit and Program Files.
Improved folder drag and drop in Include options.
Fixed bug in Uninstall Tool during cancellation.
Improved drive detection in Drive Wiper screen.
Added support to refresh cleaning rules using F5.
Improved translations.
Minor GUI improvements.


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