Pidgin neue Version 2.7.11 ist da

Die Jungs des bekannten Messengers haben mal wieder ein paar Updates eingespielt und das Chatprogramm auf Version 2.7.11 aktualisiert. Laut Changelog wurde wieder an einigen Protokollen (AIM, MSN, XMPP, Yahoo) gefixt.

  • General:
    • Our bundled libgadu should now build on HP-UX.
    • Fix some instances of file transfers never completing.
  • Pidgin:
    • Sort by Status no longer causes buddies to move around when you click them.
    • Fix embedding in the system tray on older GTK+ releases (such as on CentOS 5.5 and older Fedora).
    • No longer require libstartup-notification for startup notification support. GTK+ has included support for years, so use it instead.
  • AIM:
    • Fix a bug where some buddies from your buddy list might not show up. Affected non-English ICQ users the most.
    • Send keepalives for all types of network connections. Will hopefully make chat rooms more reliable.
  • MSN:
    • Fix bug that prevented added buddies to your buddy list in certain circumstances.
  • XMPP:
    • Fix building on platforms with an older glib (inadvertantly broken in 2.7.10).
    • Don't treat the on-join status storms as 'new arrivals'.
    • Extend the /join command to support room JIDs, enabling you to join a room on any server.
    • Add support for receiving a limited amount of history when joining a room (not currently supported by Pidgin and Finch).

  • Yahoo!/Yahoo! JAPAN:

    • Fix CVE-2011-1091, denials of service caused by NULL pointer dereferences due to improper handling of malformed YMSG packets.


Natürlich gibt es auch eine portable Version der Version 2.7.11.


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