Pidgin 2.7.6 veröffentlicht

Nichtmal einen Monat nach der alten Version (2.7.5) haben die Entwickler die Version 2.7.6 des bekannten Chat Client veröffentlicht. So wurde für ICQ die SSL Verschlüsselung angepasst und verbessert. Diese sorgte in letzter Zeit für Einwahlprobleme ins ICQ Netz. Zusätzlich wurde am MSN und XMPP Protokoll nachgebessert.


# General:
Included Microsoft Internet Authority 2010 and Microsoft Secure Server Authority 2010 intermediate CA certificates to our bundle. This fixes the "Unable to validate certificate" error for
Avoid a use-after-free race condition in the media code (when there's an error reported by GStreamer).
AIM and ICQ:
SSL option has been changed to a tri-state menu with choices for "Don't Use Encryption", "Use Encryption if Available", and "Require Encryption".
Fix some possible clientLogin URL issues introduced in version 2.7.5.
Don't show a "<URL>: Ok" connection error when using clientLogin.
Cleaned up some debug output for improved readability.
Added support for MSNP16, including Multiple Points of Presence (MPOP) which allows multiple simultaneous sign-ins.
Added extended capabilities support (none implemented).
Merged the work done on the Google SoC (major rewrite of SLP code)
Reworked the data transfer architecture. (SlpArchitecture)
Lots of little changes.
Don't process zero-length DC messages.
Fixed a bunch of memory leaks.
Prevent a use-after-free condition.
Avoid a double-free in the Google Relay (V/V) code.
Avoid double error message when failing a file transfer.
Password-related information is printed out for SASL authentication when the PURPLE_UNSAFE_DEBUG environment variable is set.
Authentication mechanisms can now be added by UI's or other plugins with some work. This is outside the API/ABI rules!
Fixed a few printf("%s", NULL) crashes for broken OSes.
Windows-Specific Changes:
Build the Pidgin Theme Editor plugin (finally).
Untarring (for themes) now works for non-ASCII destination paths.


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