Winamp 5.60 - Das Urgestein legt nach

Eines der MP3 Player Urgesteine (erste Version erschien 1997), ist Winamp wohl ohne Frage. Nun hat der Hersteller die Version 5.60 veröffentlicht. Neu in dieser Version ist die Unterstützung für drahtlose Synchronisation und weitere Features für Mobile Geräte. Zusätzlich wurde eine neue Android Version vorgestellt, die auch einige Neuerungen mit sich bringt. Winamp ist in verschiedenen Versionen erhältlich (Pro, Bundle, Full, Light). Die Unterschiede könnt ihr einer Feature Liste entnehmen.

New: Option to write ratings to tags (for mp3, wma/wmv, ogg & flac)
Improved: Redesigned Devices/Portables view in Media Library
Improved: New on-the-fly "Vertically flip (Shift+F)" option in Video context menu
Improved: [ml_plg] Playlist Generator: context menu dialog & other features
Improved: [ml_pmp] More user-friendly Transcoding options for portable devices
Improved: [ml_transcode] Added support for & in naming scheme
Improved: [nsutil] Optimized video flip modes
Fixed: [gen_ff] Bookmark corruption via Send To menu in main window songticker
Fixed: [gen_ml] Empty/Grey ML when restarting Winamp from a minimized state
Fixed: [gen_ml] Scrolling lag in nav panel with large amount of items
Fixed: [in_midi] Buffer/Integer overflow issues (thanks: Joakim @ nsense)
Fixed: [in_mod] Buffer overflow in comment box (MTM security vulnerability)
Fixed: [in_mp3] ID3v1 UI glitch, APEv2 + Lyrics3 tag combo bug, APEv2 tag removal
Fixed: [in_mp4] Potential crash on getting metadata/albumart from invalid MP4 files
Fixed: [in_nsv] Integer overflow when parsing TOC (thanks to: C. Eiram, Secunia)
Fixed: [in_nsv] Video flip mode detection quirks
Fixed: [ml_local] Arrow direction and sort inconsistencies in 3-pane views
Fixed: [ml_transcode] Freeze transcoding .cda when using in scheme
Misc: Prompt user whether to move skins/langpacks when changing location
Misc: Removed Winamp Remote from installer
Misc: [ml_pmp] Moved 'Podcast Sync' to new tab in portable device options
Misc: [out_ds] Config now displays 7.1 speakers as '7.1' instead of 'Unknown'
Updated: [in_vorbis] libogg v1.2.1 & libvorbis v1.3.2
Updated: [vp8] libvpx v0.9.5



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