AdBlock Plus 1.1.1 für Google Chrome

Das bekannte Werbeblocker Plugin Adblock Plus hat in seiner Chrome Version ein Update auf 1.1.1 erfahren. Das Chrome Plugin welches unliebsame Bannerwerbung ausblendet reicht nun nahezu an die Funktionalitäten der Firefox Version heran. Der Changelog der neuen Version sieht folgendermaßen aus.

  • All filters are used for blocking content now, not only filters like “||$third-party”
  • Grey icon is now being used for websites where Adblock Plus is disabled (forum topic)
  • Rewritten blocking of video ads on to make it more reliable and free of side-effects
  • Added more websites to the list of WebKit bug 45586 work-arounds
  • Better filter matching performance
  • Removed initial hiding of Flash which is no longer necessary
  • Fixed: Options panel width is sometimes too small, should use the entire window (forum topic)
  • Fixed: When something is blocked it won’t disappear until a refresh (regression in Adblock Plus 1.1)
  • Options: allowed multiple selection in “Own filters” tab
  • Added Chrome issue 68705 work-around for Yahoo Mail as well, typing into To field isn’t possible otherwise.


Ein paar weitere praktische Extensions findet ihr in einem alten Artikel zu Google Chrome.


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